IPROBOT 3 security camera


Next generation home security on your phone – these impressive high definition, WIFI cameras are packed with features and are so easy to use.



Check up on your home or business – wherever you are. These new IP security cameras are revolutionising home security, giving you all the features of a high-end conventional system for a fraction of the cost. No expensive rewiring of your house or business – if you have a smart phone and home WiFi you can use these.

This quality camera has been a hit across USA and Europe and it’s easy to see why – we’ve used dozens of security cameras but this latest model from TENVIS is way ahead of the pack. “Plug and play” set up is simple and It’s packed full of useful features, with excellent image quality, infra-red vision for night time and two-way audio. You can even pan and zoom around the room, all easily controlled from your smart phone.

They’re not just useful for security – people are also using these as sophisticated baby monitors, checking the kids are home from school and even dog minding. Try one – you will be impressed!

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 x 10 x 10 mm